Festival Time!

This past school year, with so many different inquiries going on at the same time, one of our biggest challenges was finding time for all of the students to share their learning. The solution was simple; we decided to hold a festival. We called the festival… “The Arts of March” We wanted to combine Visual […]

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I’m not your typical performing arts teacher. In fact, I’m a bit of an introvert. I believe this helps me as a PA teacher because I remember how it felt when I was at school to be pushed from a proverbial plane… without a parachute… crash landing onto a stage to perform a song or […]

Individual inquiries in Performing Arts: The SET-UP!

In Performing Arts this year @VISLaos we’ve been running “Dream Goals” (personal inquiries) across multiple grades. Here’s where it begins… The SET-UP! Why?? Because, with individual inquiries across multiple classes, the learning space has to be ready to provide options and for all of the different choices that are being made.  It has to be […]